The UN Plan to Control The World

                "An uneducated populous can easily be governed. "

                                     Today American Education is Really Indoctrination

America is worth saving. See the speech given by 13 year old Sara Warmack at the Save Our State Tea Party Rally on March 8, 2011 in Tallahassee, Florida.                                         See the Speech>>> 

The Greening of the Department of Education: Secretary Duncan's Remarks at the Sustainability Summit

September 21, 2010

"Through the Race to the Top and other programs, we've unleashed an avalanche of pent-up reform activity across the states and literally thousands of districts."

Historically, the Department of Education hasn't been doing enough in the sustainability movement. Today, I promise you that we will be a committed partner in the national effort to build a more environmentally literate and responsible society.

UNESCO Education for Sustainable Development

"Generally more highly educated people who have higher incomer consume more resources than poorly educated people who tend to have lower incomes.  More education increases the threat to sustainability."

"The aim of education is knowledge not of facts but of values."

"Math is man made determined by a consensus who determines the solutions.  Therefore 2+2=5

On July 24, 2009, the U.S Department of Education (DOE) announced that the “centerpiece of the Obama administration’s education reform efforts” in its “$4.35 billion Race to the Top,” will include “adopting internationally benchmarked education standards.” These will be national standards, said the press release, keyed to international standards and will be incentivized to the states with federal “stimulus” dollars.

According to the announcement, this federal curriculum will consist of “internationally benchmarked” standards. The only extant comprehensive “internationally benchmarked” education standards are those developed by UNESCO, the UN’s education arm The UNESCO website clarifies that its education standards conform to the treaties and agreements of the UN. This means that its curriculum includes, for example, the requirements of the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) which says, “Education shall . . . further the activities of the United Nations” (Art. 26:2).    

American schools used to teach the fundamental values of the United States–including the inalienable, God-given rights of life, liberty and property, as guaranteed by our Declaration of Independence and Constitution. Not any more. Now our students will be indoctrinated in the UN’s definition of human rights. As clarified by the UN’s UDHR, our rights now may not “be exercised contrary to the purposes and principles of the United Nations” (Art 29:3). Our children will be taught that they have only those rights the UN says they have.

The UNESCO standards also include the UN’s Earth Charter which further defines internationally benchmarked standards. The Charter says these standards must entail what it calls “sustainability education” (Art 14:b). The Charter explains that “sustainability education” entails the “promotion of the equitable distribution of wealth within nations and among nations” (Art. 10:a), nuclear disarmament (Art. 16:d), gay marriage (Art. 12:a), legalized abortion (Art. 7:e), adoption of an “international legally binding instrument on environment” (The way Forward), and indoctrination in pantheism (Art. 14d and Art. 16:f).

                                                                                                                                                        were surprised that after trillions of dollars spent, our students have dropped lower into the abyss. 

Agenda 21 can not succeed unless the populace accepts their station of servitude. The only way for success is through the indoctrination of generations of children who will "learn" their lot and accept their position while they are granted choices supplied by the government.   Are you ready to sell your child to the indoctrination of Race to the Top for under $100? (Your stated share of the grant)                                                                                                                                                              

    The Problem:

American Education has become a propaganda platform who's sole purpose is to indoctrinate our youth into following an Anti-American, Anti-Family, Anit-Morality/Religion, Anti-Free Market, Anti-everything curriculum.  In the new education format they learn social justice and the good of the collective. This is being accomplished by the Federal Department of Education (DOED) and the states like DOE Florida (FLDOE) offering approved programs like the International Baccalaureate Program (IB) and the Advanced International Certificate of Education (AICE) in our schools without reviewing them first. 

International Baccalaureate Program (IB) - expensive, no significant results, from UNESCO and Switzerland. Teaches student to be a good global citizen. Socialist, ANTI-AMERICAN
                                                                        Read More

Advanced International Certificate of Education (AICE) - expensive, no significant results from UNESCO and Cambridge. Teaches about man made global warming, global citizenship and social justice.

Advanced Placement (AP)  College level courses for accelerated learning for students bound for college. Created by American Colleges. Reasonably prices.

IB and AICE are overly expensive programs originate in the socialist walls of the United Nations through departments like UNESCO and are used throughout the world.  They are carefully crafted to play on emotions while they by do nothing more than reinforce hatred, class warfare, racism and pro Islamic religious bias.  You must read some of the texts. Innuendos are crafted so neatly in the materials that are found our schools.  The anti-American passages in the texts are concealed deeply in stories about saving the planet, the climate, the animals, the children, the world.   Many of the ideas presented start harmlessly but in the end social justice and collectivism following a communists model practiced in Europe prevail.  The programs do not work in Europe. Yet stories and passages are romanticized in a utopia that is impossible to achieve. 

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We spend trillions on education and expect our students to leave school with an understanding of reading, writing and math, factual information, critical thinking, logic and reason, individual freedom, competition, American exceptionalism and nationalism. While we are out working hard, we expect our teachers to teach, our Fed and state departments of education and legislators to do their jobs and make sure our backs are covered and America and its people are safe.

Now we know while we have been working hard and doing our jobs, the people we have counted on are really out for that pay check, don't look or care about what is being taught in our schools.    We have lost money, our homes, our freedom as we are duped, scammed, played into giving what we have to educate children.  We are asked for more money, more patience.  So we constantly sacrifice more and more and more while education gets worse. This does not make sense…but wait a minute if we break everything down and look at the master plan, UN Agenda 21, it does.

We trusted our educators to educate. That was our first mistake.  We thought everyone wanted the same goal, brilliant children and a brilliant future.  Instead we walked away and gave a ruthless group of America haters the care of our children. The goal of US education has become indoctrination and a deliberate dumbing down of America.                                                                                                                                                                                              
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The educators lied.  We were told no tenure, longer hours, smaller classes, technology, more medication,
more money, more money more money will help our students learn.  It doesn’t.  The only thing that will make a difference is the one thing we no longer have, stimulating factual information, learning basics of reading, math, choice, logic, reason and critical thinking.  When not challenged, the brain is wasted.  In reality we trusted our educators and legislators to bring America the best, after all we pay trillions.  We have been coached, prompted, guided to change everything except the one item that actually makes a difference, the curriculum.  Our kids now learn a dumbed down curriculum, void of fact, logic, reason and critical thinking. We have given carte blanche to the biggest group of anti-American educators without checks and balances and we have participated in the biggest scam created in American history.  We were taught NOT TO PAY ATTENTION.  Don't discuss:  government, education, debt , economy, food, religion, international aid.  Instead we were told the government will solve everything, the Constitution is not important so why follow it. Instead students learn environment, children, animals must be saved from the earth’s greatest enemy, MAN. Our students now think American is the oppressor and the guilt card is continually played by , Anti-American Liberal/Progressive/Communists.  How does that happen?  Let’s find out why.

Brief history: Before WWII, the followers of Marx and Dewey fled Europe for fear of extermination.  They came to American and began their indoctrination in our colleges.

Fast forward to the 60’s. Remember America was suffering from the loss of JFK.  The Vietnam War created a group of  Anti-American , Anti-Family, Anti-War Liberal/Progressive/Communists who were ripe to be lead down the new liberal path.  These students entered college only to be taught by the very people they were fighting, the communists.  To avoid the draft, these youth graduated college and became educators (teaching was draft exempt).  They were taught to use psychology, guilt, emotion lead to youngsters believe in an unattainable utopia created by the very people set out to destroy them.  Stalin (a new hero) even said,
 When we hang the capitalists they will sell us the rope we use.”

This group of ELITE locked onto the UN Agenda21 Sustainable Living mantra and used the environment to play on the emotions of unsuspecting Americans, slowly putting in place legislation designed to control every aspect of our lives.  When the Congress and the people said,  “NO.” Executive Orders were used.   The ELITE decided they know more and can control others since they are the ELITE.  The target is the American middle class, since Communism had no room for an educated populace.  Educated people, is the major obstacle to complete One World Governance.  Educated people know communism doesn’t work; never has never will. Destruction of the middle class became their main objective. Rather than revolution, the ELITE choose indoctrination using the schools and the UN.  

UN Agenda 21 was written and the ELITE goal: Dumb down Americans and control the planet by using Schools, Hollywood, Sports heroes to carry the message was expedited using mass media.  Education became indoctrination. Let’s see the difference:  

  • act of acquiring knowledge
  • developing the power of reasoning and judgment
  • generally of preparing oneself or others intellectually for mature life
  • requires the basic skills of reading, writing, and arithmetic
  •  learning what you MUST KNOW in order to FIND OUT what you NEED TO KNOW
  • The ability to make informed choices to affect your life


  •  instruct through a principle or ideology 
  • not usually based on fact based on an opinion
  • that opinion is what is taught
  • twists opinions into becoming facts
  • an emotional commitment to what others want you to believe
  • The ability to choose what other want you to choose.
Education is based on truth. Indoctrination is based on what others hope you will accept as truth.

The level of freedom and liberty in a country depends upon the education of its people.

Bottom Line - Basic Skills are not being taught in schools.  Logic, reason, critical thinking, factual information, history, civics, economy, Founding Fathers, and American nationalism are being replaced.  English the most important language in the world is discounted in order to keep people separated and enslaved. English is the language of the business community. How can you children compete if they don’t know English?

"Once you learn to read, you will be forever free." — Frederick Douglass Translation: If you can’t read you will be a slave.   

Education under Agenda 21 is very controlled and will guide the individual into accepting laws made to control the populace. Stalin: “Education is a weapon whose effects depend on who holds it in his hands and at whom it is aimed.” 

Your Child's  Without Agenda21

  • Individual Freedom:  You choose to do what you want and provide for others in charitable giving
  • Private property ownership is your right should you choose
  • Your life, where you live, what you eat, you healthcare is totally controlled by you
  • Humans are the stewards of the earth and choose how they wish to preserve it
  • You choose your work path and career
  • American must exist as the leader of the free world
  • The American (Western) way of life, has created more human wealth and benefits to humanity in the last 200+ years than in the past 5000 years under communism
  • America’s history, Constitution and national pride must be preserved
  • The basic understanding of government, history, economics plus English must be taught to all citizens.

        Your Child's under UN Agenda21

  • Social Justice: You are forced to provide for others in a variety of wealth distribution schemes
  • Private property is not acceptable
  • Single Family housing is unacceptable
  • Your life, where you live, what you eat, you healthcare is totally controlled by the government. 
  • Life Choice as described by Stalin: “One death is a tragedy; one million is a statistic.”
  • Humans are the enemies of the planet and are subservient to nature
  • Your work path and career are chosen by the government
  • The (American) Western way of life is not sustainable. It must be regulated and controlled out of existence.
  • Erase and alter American history. What you don’t know you have you will not fight to keep
  • The basic understanding of government, history, economics plus English must be eliminated from educational programs.
What is Race to the Top?
RACE TO THE TOP is the Federal take over of the schools and is in violation of Federal Education Code:  Department of Education, Public Law -- 2/01/10, 20 U.S.C.  3403 (Pub. L. 96-88, Title I,  103, Oct. 17, 1979, 93 Stat. 670). United States Code. Title 20. Education. Chapter 48

RTTT is without significant funding to support the national data base requirements which will fall on the state.   This was and will force schools into a national data base (at some unknown cost).  Why does the federal government need a national data base of student progress? Who manages it?  Where does it go?

The Common Core Standards that states are forced to adopt are substandard to the original state standards.
The National Data Base will monitor every child and teacher and is nothing more than a scheme with the rules being made uop as the players enter. Duncan waited until the state contracts were signed before he made the rest of the plan clear:  States would have to adopt the Common Core Standards (national standards) in order to qualify for Race to the Top fundsOther “surprises” included national assessments, national curriculum, and an elaborate national tracking system to link student assessment scores to individual teachers.                         Henry W. Burke and Donna Garner    

The new Florida exit exam standards are a shocking move toward what one can only equate to soviet style propaganda to create a monolithic citizenry. In the case of high school American history, a look into the specifics of the exit exam is all that is needed as proof to an agenda directed in a planned process by groups that have no problem using whatever means necessary to acquire power and promote a twisted vision of America. Florida exit exams in the social sciences need to be stopped immediately and there needs to be a serious reconsideration of the entire process before moving ahead.
Indoctrination is reinforced by testing.

It now appears that the major recipient of those dollars will go to the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, to create and maintain the data bases. The best example of teaching a fact-less education is Bill Gates on CO2 emission.   Bill Gates wants to live in a world without CO2 because CO2 is the gas that is destroying the planet.  Exactly how do you live in a world without CO2. After seeing this video, I would not want this man near a school, yet he is programming RACE TO THE TOP.  See Bill.

The ELITE have one goal: destroy America.  We will pay them to do it, how sweet.  We allow them to divide us, destroy the family and minority culture and we pay them to do it.

Fact-less education sets the stage for senseless legislation which puts constraints on growth and prosperity.  Phony science allows the Government to regulated “bad” industry out of existence getting support from the sheeple they govern by using indoctrination in the schools to demonize the competitive industry like oil and coal.  Even though over 30,000 scientists sued Al Gore for the global warming scam, American agencies continue to use this phony science to regulate and Legislators follow.  See Al Gore

When simple facts, historic references, logic and reason have been eliminated from textbooks people will not question, sheeple will follow blindly.

                                                                           Smart students = smart citizens = smart legislation
The Solution:

If the solutions are not simple, they are not worth doing.  Either we are part of the problem or part of the solution. Today I am happy to say those of us who remember what America stands for still have a choice.

Remember Nancy Reagan, “Just say, NO.” Smart lady, she was right. Why is an educated middle class the greatest enemy of the ELITE?  Because as a group we have the money, the votes and can make a difference. Throughout the years every divide and conquer assault tactic known to man has been tried on us but through hard work and perseverance some how we managed to come out better.  It is not different now.  American is great because of its individual people.  Like minded individuals banning together are a very powerful force.  70% of the people know something is wrong, they don’t like what is happening but they don’t know what to do.  Now it is up to us, everyone reading this web site.  You are here for a reason.  You have a big job, but it will be worth the fight.  America is too great to fail.

With education 70% of the people cross party lines to determine American education is bad. Unite on that alone. Use economics and factual information.

Fact: Americans spend more on education than any other country in the world. We have changed just about everything except the curriculum so let’s start there. Let’s do something new instead of doing the same thing expecting different results.

  • Learn everything you can on Race to the Top (RTTT), International Baccalaureate (IB) and   Advanced International Certificate of Education (AICE).
  • Look at texts and underline some of the biased passages. You will be surprised at how many there are. Check for missing history, etc.
  • Educate your family, friends and neighbors with your discovery.
  • Call your school district and ask for the costs, and statistics of IB and AICE. – They probably don’t have them.  You are looking for the cost of IB, AICE and AP. You will find the cost of IB and AICE are significantly higher with no significant results. Are they running in the red with all of the budget cuts?
  • Go to your school board meetings and do a presentation, you will find several on the site or you can make one of your own. Highlight costs with no learning difference. Then show the biased passages from the texts. Your school board will be shocked as most never read the texts.   Show the UN Global Governance of IB and AICE.    
  • Ask why they are continually using programs with higher costs without results when they could be using that money for programs they are cutting?  The State Ed Statute says we must provide advance placement classes for college bound students they don’t say IB or AICE.  AP is just as good and costs a fraction.
  • Ask if they know RTTT? Do they know that the Common Core standards are sub standard?  Do they know the cost to the county? Do they know the feasibility to produce a better student?  Then why are they implementing it?  They too can just say NO.
  • Meet with your state legislator and duplicate the same. 
  • Send a letter to the Governor and tell him to get Florida out of RTTT since no one know the expenses or results and RTTT is in violation of the Fed Education Code and supports the failed expensive IB and AICE program.
  • Call talk shows, write articles to newspapers. BE VOCAL. Tell at least one new person a day about Agenda21 and indoctrination in the schools.
  • If all of this fails, GET YOUR CHILDREN OUT OF PUBLIC SCHOOL.  Form a group and home school.  Believe me a lot of parents choosing home school will get the Governors attention.

According to a recent survey of college students, critical thinking, analysis, spontaneity, individualism, peripheral vision, imagination and independent thinking were missing from their education making it harder for them to cope with the world after college.    People who will not question are called sheeple.  


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